CHILILAJITELMA 'Delicious Agony' 4x


Herkullinen lajitelma erilaisia chilejä, mukana lajikkeet: Aji Amarillo, Cayenne, Omnicolor ja Purple Bhut Jolokia.

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Seed kit containing very nice variation of different great chili peppers!

Aji Amarillo

Great, thick fleshed, large baccatum pods with medium heat. The plants are large baccatum type and grow very fast. The taste is excellent good as fresh and resembles a little like coffee when dried. Commonly used with cooking in many parts of South America where it’s actually very popular. Easy to grow but slow to mature. Worth the wait for sure!


Cayenne may well be the most common chili pepper type in the world. In most cases when you see elongated chili peppers looking like this, they are most likely closely related to this classic. Hot and sharp taste. Great for outdoor, balcony and greenhouse growing. Can give stunning yields even in quite small pots.


A permanent favorite amongst chili pepper growers. As the name says, this compact and very well yielding plant produces pods that go through almost every possible color. They are rather hot. When dried and ground, produce extremely usable flakes or chili powder with unique flavor and tender heat suitable for dishes where you may not need the sharper flavor of “red peppers” or the characteristic “chinense pepper flavor”. This can add a totally new dimension to your cooking. Also, as C. baccatum peppers go, Omnicolor needs very little maintenance and does just well even indoors. Highly recommended for both, beginners and long-time chili pepper growers who have missed this great variety so far.

Purple Bhut Jolokia

One of the most amazing looking super hot varieties there is! Ripens from green to purple to red. Very heavy producer and the pods taste very good when ripe. A must have for a superhot lover who also like great looking varieties. The plant looks just stunningly beautiful when filled with purple pods and some are ripening thru orange to red at the same time!

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Koristeellinen, erinomainen ruukussa kasvatettavaksi. Tulisuus Scovillen asteikolla 50000. Hedelmät aluksi keltaisia purppurajuovaisia, kypsänä oransseja / punaisia ja n. 5 cm pitkiä.

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(C. baccatum) Jännittävän näköinen chilipaprikalajike tuottaa noin 5-8 cm pitkiä, oransseja hedelmiä. Latvottuna taimi kasvaa tuuheammaksi. Hedelmissä on aromaattinen, hapokas maku.

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Hieno paprikalajike, joka korjataan vihreänä tai punaisena. Punaisena maku on makeampi. Valmista uunissa vaikkapa sipulin, kesäkurpitsan ja tomaatin kera, päälle ripaus oliiviöljyä. Riittoisuus 2-3 kasvia.

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PAPRIKA 'Amyka F1'

Upea vaalean kermanvärinen paprika. Nautitaan tuoreena tai kypsennettynä. Tuottaa aikaisen sadon. Korjaa hedelmät, kun ne ovat vaaleita.

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PAPRIKA 'Astor F1'

Lajikkeella 25-30 cm pitkät, makeat hedelmät. Tummanvihreiden hedelmien väri vaihtuu oranssiin ja makeus lisääntyy. Voidaan korjata myös vihreinä.

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